Lodge on the Drina River

There is a small town in the west of Serbia, on the outskirts of Tara Mountain, which boasts everything the eye can see. National Park, a river called Year and the lake Zaovine are just some of the beauties that surround this place. Of course, this is Bajina Basta, in the Zlatibor district.

Lodge on the Drina River

In the embrace of the National Park, illuminated by the clarity of the Drina River, this city has always been of interest to tourists. Years pass, visitors are growing, and Bajina Basta remains remembered at most once…

But let’s start in order…

It was back in 1968, when the novel “When the Pumpkins Bloomed” was published and Yugoslavia became the world water polo champion, and Tito said that the students were right…

Whether it was students, or water polo players, it doesn’t matter, but a group of boys from Bajina Basta came up with an uncommon idea. On one rock, on the Drina River, they made first the plateau for sunbathing, and as that was not enough for them, they began to build sunscreen. An elderly gentleman told me that at the time it was said: “Youth – madness” and they did not even suspect that a great attraction known throughout the world would grow out from this idea.

Drina, beautiful and unpredictable, swells whenever it sees fit, and then shows the true power, and its other side. Then the water carries everything in front of it: boughs, boulders, so it brought the house on the Drina River several times. It was quite natural for Milija Mandic – Mushroom, and his companions, so they hunted the cottage along the swollen river, returned it to the rock, or in the worst case, built a new one.

Drina River

During the history of its existence, the house was taken eight times by the Drina. The last time was in year 2011. The house gained worldwide fame, and in 2010 its creator passed away and went on to become a legend…

The world-renowned little house on the “Stencica”, as the Bajina Basta residents call it, was acquired in 2012, when the site was proclaimed the month’s photograph on the website of National Geography.

If you are on your way to Bajina Basta, look for this wonder of Serbia, do not miss the opportunity. Below the parking lot of the restaurant “Dve lipe (Two lindens)” there is an access to the river and a beautiful view of the cottage. Of course, you can enjoy the view from the terrace of the restaurant “Studenac”. But, you can also take a walk along the part of the Drina coast to find the perfect position for you to photograph and perpetuate this beauty.

Awarded photo at the “My Western Serbia” competition under the auspices of the Tourism Organization of Western Serbia

There are no organized visits. It shouldn’t, at least as far as I’m concerned. That would no longer be that. Eventually, if you find a kayaker or a fisherman with a boat to move you to the rock… Stefan offered me, he will take across me, he says, it’s not terrible. I didn’t want… I didn’t want to spoil the harmony of the Drina, its springs, the impact of the wave on the rock… And on the rock, that little house, dark brown in color, decorated with a red kayak and a life belt.

At the market, it was told to me there were plans to light up the cottage at night … I’m not a villain, but don’t (if you haven’t already). Leave her as magical and powerful as Drina herself … Leave it in the sunshine during the day and in the moonlight at night, keep it at your fingertips and yet so far away…

Drina River House

The cottage is now reinforced with pillars to preserve as much as possible. Of course, Drina, like Drina, wonderful and unpredictable, will try to bring its house whenever the opportunity comes… And the citizens of Bajina Basta will not take it for harm. They are here to build new houses, each time more beautiful, because without the Drina, as it is, there would be no house.

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