Mödling Castle Ruins

The Babenberg Castle, which was built in the middle of the 12th century, was the biggest Romanesque castle (175m x 80m) of Austria. 
In 1797 it was destroyed by the baron of Penkler and a decade later the princes of Liechtenstein bought the ruins and renovated parts of it in the Romanesque style. 

Ski Area Annaberg

Annaberg in the Alpine region of the Mostviertel is a paradise for people who enjoy the good things in life and for adventurous alpinists.


St. Marx Cemetery – Vienna


The Ötscher, at 1,893 metres (6,211 ft), is a prominent peak in south-western Lower Austria. Its name has Slavic roots and translates approximately as a diminutive of “father”. The Ötscher area belongs to the Ybbstal Alps, which are part of the Northern Limestone Alps. The boundary between the districts of Lilienfeld and Scheibbs lies directly on its peak.